Machiya Kana


Japanese name: 町谷 花菜
English name: Kana Machiya
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Relatives: Tomohiro Machiya

Unnamed father

First appearance: Chapter 7
Appearances: Chapter 7 - Chapter 32
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Kana Machiya (町谷 花菜 Machiya Kana) was Tomohiro's younger sister. She was a second-year middle school student.

Appearance Edit

Kana had a child-like build and were often seen in odd positions always on the family room couch. She had not appeared in color yet but since Tomohiro has mossy green hair, it's a safe bet to assume that she had as well.

Personality Edit

Kana seems to be a very kind and loving person, even being friends with the "tough guy" of her class, making him fall in love with her. She doesn't seem to hide any obscure personality.

Plot Edit

In chapter 26 it is revealed that she was a participant of Dead Tube as she was seen in a clip killing her own father by smashing his head in a game of "smashing watermelons" while only wearing her panties. As later revealed, she got raped on her friends behalf and they also told her that if she played the "smashing watermelons" game everything will be fine again

She was killed in chapter 30 by one of the Team Kirenza's girl, by slicing her throat.

Trivia Edit